Website Installer

Kickstart your own website with one mouse click

Our web hosting plans offer you a quick way to develop your own web site, even if you lack technical capabilities. Thanks to the Easy Web Site Installer included in the XtraByte Web Site Control Panel, developing your business or personal web site is very easy – just specify the kind of web site you’d like and a desired design layout. We’ll set up your brand new site instantly and will send you info on how to manage it with a single click.

Website Builder

Set up your own sites with one click right now

Our cloud web hosting packages come with an easy–to–use Website Generation Application. You will find it inside the Web Site Control Panel. This software offers a collection of over one hundred personal and business web design skins as well as an easy–to–use site administration graphical user interface. Simply pick a web page layout then upload your photos and include textual content with just a mouse click. When you are ready, push the Publish button and your website will be published to the Internet momentarily.

Web App Installer

A single–click Web Apps Installer with 40+ PHP scripts

Within the Web Site Control Panel there is a fast, 1–click App Installer tool, by using which you can install 40+ cost–free PHP scripts. It can help you get your online journal, Internet forum, image gallery or shopping portal online within minutes. Just choose your preferred web application, specify several details and hit the Install button. That’s it! Our system will perform the installation instead of you within seconds. Absolutely no program code to write, absolutely no scripts to configure.

Solid–State Drives

Momentarily improve the speed of your web site

In case you would like to give your website a performance boost, all you have to do is just to host it with us. Our hosting machines boast solid–state drives, so on each hosting server you’ll take full advantage of exceptional read & write speeds, which will make your site ultra–fast.

Thanks to the outstanding connectivity provided by each of our cloud hosting Data Center Facilities, your website will begin working so much faster without any need for any additional modifications on your end.

Web Accelerators

A collection of tools to boost your websites’ speed

Conveniently integrated in the Web Site Control Panel you will find an array of Web Site Accelerator Programs intended to speed up your dynamic, database–powered sites. By caching web content, these software tools significantly decrease the number of times a database is requested and thus reduce the server load. This helps your web sites load faster and it will lower the bounce rates. You will be able to choose from among 3 website accelerator tools – Memcached, Node.js and Varnish.

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